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Analyse your hive

Precise measurement data for bee research

Institutions rely on constant data quality generated by precise measurement features for their research. Both is guaranteed by the Wolf-hive scale. The Wolf hard and software serves research requirements.

The Wolf-hive scale for research purposes
Beneficial bee research

Research institutions focusing bees rely on precise measurement data. The Wolf- hive scale and the software enable detailed digital analysis. To profit from a broader view even more data generated by other apiarists or regions can be seen and processed. Just check the Wolf- community or permit other beekeepers the access your data.

Measurement data recording and transmission

The data are transmitted via the best available mobile network (Wolf- SIM card necessary) to the online software. Measurement intervals can be set in the software from five minutes to maximum one hour. You have the possibility to share your live- data with other apiarist colleagues. Profit from the network!

Measure, analyse and compare

With its sensitive measuring range even the slightest changes can be detected and analysed. Compare the hives locations, flowerage, yields, weight difference or brood chamber temperature. These are only some examples of the numerous analysis and comparison possibilities. Go down to read more about the functions and handling of the Wolf- online software. Just try our demo-access!

Wolf’s digital hive scale

Indispensable for the research of the hive

Top product | high end hive scale

High precision weighing for apiarists’ needs

The elaborated weighing system convinces with all necessary features for a comprehensive beekeeping approach. Robust and weather- resistant, the hive scale offers exact measurement data due to the two load cell construction. Furthermore, the long life battery delivers power for twelve months with a minimum of recharging period of only two hours.

  • Simple start-up the hive scale (ready for use)
  • Total weight measurement (measurement range from 10 g to 200 kg), differences
  • Outside temperature (-30 °C to +60 °C)
  • Optional: Humidity, precipitation and brood chamber temperature sensors
  • Individual measurement ranges
  • Apiarist’s modus
  • Integrated anti- theft function
  • Optional: Always the best available mobile network with the Wolf- SIM card
  • High quality stainless steel and waterproof housing
  • Protection against browsing by game
  • Slip resistant cover plate
  • LED status indication
  • High performance antenna
  • 8 overload protectors, 2weigh cells
  • Powerful battery with extreme long lifetime
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Online software | keep an eye on your bees

24/7! How are your hives? Check your bees at any time, in any place

Monitor your hives permanently with the intuitive Wolf-online software. It was designed for the special needs apiarists have while working with their bees. At any time, in any place, the gathered information on the hives were sent to the online software. Just log in and start your evaluation.

  • Dashboard summary page
  • Intuitive handling with tablet, smartphone or PC
  • Modern and clear diagrams and infographics
  • Individual and arbitrary time intervals
  • Numerous comparison functions
  • Archiving function
  • Battery level displayed
  • Integration on your website
  • Wolf-hive scale community: Compare and share data with other beekeepers
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Endless possibilities | analyse, compare, share

Fascinating insights in your hives

Different locations, weight, weight differences, honey yield, temperature, brood chamber temperature, humidity, rainfall, wind speed: Access online all measurement data captured in your hive by the scale. Just have a look at our live data displayed on our webpage.

  • Quick and understandable data display
  • Interactive diagrams
  • Latest status request and analysis of the last days available
  • Location administration: Honey yield, temperature comparable
  • Recording of flowering and yields
  • Compare hives and years
  • Export function to archive your data
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