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Healthy bees


Successful beekeeping is a challenging and demanding business. It requires attention and sensitivity to even slightest changes. Meanwhile, the beekeeper carries high responsibility to his bees. The Wolf- hive scale helps you to develop, keep and intensify the necessary way of dealing with the complexity of bees.

Your advantages in the field of hobby and association beekeeping:
  • Ease in commissioning (hive scale will be delivered ready for use)
  • Detect irregularities immediately thanks to precise measurement data
  • Monitor always and anywhere changes in total weight and environmental factors with the intuitive online software
  • Increase honey yield and foster hive’s health

Hive scale

Experience the Wolf-hive scale

The robust hive scale was designed for beekeeper’s needs as for instance an integrated anti-theft function. It convinces with precise, durable & intelligent technology.


Online supervision

About our software

All captured data are transferred automatically to the online software which enables the beekeeper to monitor his hive fully at any place.


Data evaluation

Everything about data evaluation

You have extensive evaluation options. The comprehensive data evaluation function enables you to draw conclusions on your bees as well as compare the yields.


Beekeepers’ associations


Beekeepers’ associations provide an important contribution to the preservation of the domestic honey bee. Exchanging experience on the development of their hives brings them together.

The Wolf- hive scale helps unexperienced beekeepers to get in touch with their hives and learn quickly to deal with bee’s complexity. By contrast, experienced apiarists will be surprised how detailed information on the hive will influence their work.

We are convinced that bee’s welfare is ensured and strengthened by constant monitoring and quick reaction to changes. Additionally, the strong bee performance will be translated into increased honey yields. If there are questions on the usage or further advantages of the Wolf-hive sale, please do not hesitate to contact us directly.

Beneficial for members

Whole complexity on your website

Let the other beekeeping association members profit and contribute. Share your experience, developments and success with other beekeepers or associations while exposing the hives’ measurement results and life- data on your association website. If you are interested check our instruction for the data integration.

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Happy to advice you

Advantages of using the Wolf-hive scale

As we developed our hive scale and the online software from scratch we offer broad an individual information and support on any questions arising.

We are convinced that the hive scale will be beneficial for you, on one hand, to increase your honey yield, on the other hand, to give deep insights in your hives.

Contact us directly via email or telephone or visit us at the next fair. We are looking forward to seeing you!