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Function of the hive scale

All about the functions and properties of the Wolf scale

Does the beehive/beehive scale have anti-theft protection?
Yes, because only the key switch (beekeeper mode) can deactivate all alarm functions. If this is not activated, the beekeeper receives a notification by SMS to up to 3 mobile phone numbers.
Can I also use my beehive scale in winter?
The mechanics and electronics have been designed for year-round operation. However, in the case of free-standing installation, changes in weight caused by snowfall are to be expected, especially in winter.
How long does the battery of the beehive scale last?
If default settings are retained (one-time transmission of data/day), a battery life of up to 12 months can be expected.
Does my beehive/beehive scale need any maintenance?
The only maintenance work required is recharging the battery once or twice a year. In case of malfunctions, the Wolf-Waagen team can access the scale directly via remote maintenance and support you.
Do I need a computer to operate the beehive scale?
In principle no. You can access your online account with any web-enabled device (smartphone, tablet, PC).
Why do I need a key for the beehive/beehive scale?
You need the key to activate and deactivate the beekeeping mode. The mode is switched on before work begins. Now all changes are hidden. When the work is finished, the beekeeping mode is deactivated again. Subsequent corrections to the bee scale or the online account are no longer necessary.