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Accuracy & measurement data

Figures, data, facts about Wolf scales

Which maximum load is permissible?
The beehive scale may be loaded with a maximum surface load of 200 kg.
What is the measuring accuracy of the beehive scale?
The beehive scale has an accuracy of 10 grams.
Are there any running costs?
In addition to the transmission costs of the Wolf-SIM (data flat rate for 15 Euro / annum), there are annual costs of 24 Euro per user access for the maintenance of our servers.
Are the weather data accurate?
Our weather data is retrieved from with exact location accuracy. The location can be found by entering the postcode as well as the exact coordinates.
Must weight corrections be recorded?
Weight corrections are no longer necessary due to the key switch built into the beehive scale. Changes made by the beekeeper are automatically suppressed with the help of the beekeeping mode. The hive scale automatically calculates the exact correction value.