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Evaluate & Compare

Smart beekeeping

Measurement data-evaluation and comparison

The intelligent online software enables you to draw various conclusions on your bees basing on measurement data, such as comparing, evaluating and sharing information. The software was developed by the two Wolf- hive scale founders Christian and Richard. As both are familiar with beekeeping for more than a decade, they adapted all functions to apiculture’s needs. Furthermore, they included and put into account ideas and needs of other beekeepers from the Wolf- community. We count now over 600 other beekeeper Europe-wide joining the community. Any measurement data captured by the hive scale and sensors will be displayed ad hoc. In addition and case of any questions arising, we assure professional support via email or telephone!

Read more about the measurement evaluation possibilities:
  • Evaluation and comparison possibilities
  • International comparisons
  • Wolf-community – the large beekeeping network
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Evaluation and comparison possibilities

Hive data integrated in a web- based evaluation tool

Online analysis of all measurement data transmitted by the hive scale. Not only data captured by the hive sale, but also information gathered by (later) installed sensors are transmitted to the online software and can be used immediately. For illustration just check our hives with live- data transmission.

  • Quick and informative data overview
  • Interactive diagrams, infographics and symbols
  • Latest status request
  • Daily, monthly and yearly overview
  • Weight and daily difference (kg)
  • Honey in total and daily yields (kg)
  • Outside temperature (C°)
  • Optional sensors: Brood chamber temperature, humidity, precipitation and wind
  • Recording of flowering
  • Compare different hives or years
  • Compare several hive scales in the same period
  • Integrated site- manager (compare honey yields and temperature of different hive sites)
  • Memo function for the last works carried out
  • Export function to archive and safe data for your further evaluation
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International comparison

Check and compare hive scale data from other beekeepers

The Wolf-community

Profit from more than 600 other beekeepers hive data

In addition to your own evaluation the Wolf-online software enables you to check and compare the hive scales measurement data from more than 600 other beekeepers across Europe joining the Wolf-community.
Profit from this large and free of charge network!

  • Check and compare hive scale data from more than 600 other beekeepers
  • Be part of the Wolf-community – share and profit data
  • With one scale you have access to the values ​​of more than 600 beekeepers
  • Draw conclusions on the best flowering, locations, weather and geographical conditions
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Hive scale

About the hive scale

The robust hive scale was explicitly designed for beekeeper’s needs as for instance an integrated anti- theft function. Furthermore, it convinces with precise, durable and intelligent technology.

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Online monitoring

About the software

All data on weight, yield, temperature, humidity, rainfall, etc. will be prepared by the online software. You have the best possibilities to check, evaluate and compare the hive on one glance.

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