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We – the team of Wolf Waagen about cofounder and CEO Christian Wolf – are very glad to welcome you on our homepage.

Get to know everything about current, technical and commercial information on our products and services. The Wolf system will help you better understanding the life in your hive and answer the beekeepers’ most crucial questions.

However, if there are still some questions left we invite you to get into personal contact with us – of course also in English.

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29. January bis 07. February 2019

Due to the Corona crisis everything is different now. However, the new trade fair saison starts. We are happy to welcome you on our stand at the 51. Professional South-German Beekeping ...
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Digital hive scales by Wolf Waagen

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The Wolf-hive scale

State-of-the-art technology for your beehive

Way more than a conventional scale the Wolf- hive scale reduces your workload effectively and provides you with additional data relating to your bees. As a valuable tool it monitors the hive continuously and precisely while enabling you to respond instantly to any changes.

Any beekeepers – hobbyists, professionals or academic – profit from increasing honey yields as well as from the gathered information on the bees’ health and life.

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The Wolf-hive scale can do more …

Various possibilities for a productive beehives.

The Wolf-hive scale can do more …

Meeting the highest quality requirements in terms of measuring functions we share our beekeeping passion with you.

The hive scales measuring features include the (difference in) total weight, outside and brood chamber temperature, humidity and precipitation. In addition, it can be completed by some more measurement tools (sensors). All data captured are held in the scale’s buffer and then transmitted up to three times a day to the online software, where further analysis and location comparisons can be made. Be sure of exciting insights in your beehive!

Monitor your beehive online

Check your beehive at any time, in any place, on any parameter, with any device. Regardless of which electronical device – PC, tablet, laptop or smartphone – the Wolf- online software enables you to monitor your bees easily. Just set the measurement intervals form five minutes to one hour in accordance to your needs (within the software) and the data will be transmitted via the best available mobile network. Nothing against precise and valuable information about bees.


Measure, analyse, compare

Take up and profit from data captured by the hive scale, presented attractively and smart in the online software. It allows you to draw conclusions and helps you plan the future modus operandi. Act instead of react thanks to precise analysis of the last hours, days, months and years. The integrated location management function allows you to compare the honey yields and vitality of your bees. Getting detailed knowledge on the current flowering, the documentation function furthermore weights the related quantity. Aside of these possibilities, way more options available create a comprehensive insight into your beehive. Having initiated a beekeepers community, you can both contribute and learn from this free of charge pan-European network (Wolf-community).

Five steps to you individual hive scale

We created a simple and quick configuration tool to help you find the best Wolf-hive scale in five steps. We invite you to try it out now.

The Wolf retailers

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If you like to buy your hive scale at your local dealer we will refer to an instantly growing dealer network distributing our scale. The retailing service includes broad information on the scale as well as the tactile experience- touch and test!
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